Jewel is committed to our customers, by being the “Best in Class” provider of quality fabrication, welding, and protective coating services.  We deliver quality and peak performance every time we complete a project on schedule, within budgeted parameters and everyone goes home safe at the end of each day.

Our executive management stands behind our products and services. We continuously strive to improve efficiencies and capabilities by using sustainable environmental practices. Jewel innovates within our industry to work safely in the high risk work environments our employees are exposed to on a daily basis.

Our core values are developed by striving for the highest standards of quality and performance. That can only be accomplished by consistently exercising care for our customers, our work and our people.

Jewel works closely with third party inspection companies to ensure we continuously meet or exceed specifications of industry codes and standards. We utilize techniques such as radiography, ultrasonic inspection, mag particle/dye penetration, air testing, hydro testing & visual inspection through certified third party Quality Control Engineers both in the shop and field for welding.

Additionally, methods such as DFT testing, holiday testing, ambient temperature control, adhesion testing are utilized for our Protective Coatings Division.

We have our own inspection and quality control procedures that we use for all shop and field work. Our company has one of the highest percentages of successfully completed inspections in the industry.

Jewel complies and maintains custom tailored welding procedures engineered and developed to meet industry demands to the following standards and codes:

BCCSA COR Certified

CWB Certified

CSA Z662 Certified

NACE Member

ASME Member