Nanaimo, BC


January 2023


December 2023


The Nanaimo Midtown Gateway Project showcases our expertise in the fabrication Industrial Utilities and our dedication to sustainable urban development. As a subcontractor, we specialize in delivering fabricated large diameter water supply mains for large-scale urban development projects. This revitalization project transforms a brownfield site with a history of industrial impact into a vibrant neighborhood gateway, featuring new transportation corridors, a naturalized stormwater wetland with public walking trails, and improved access to Beban Park, a premier recreational complex. Our participation in this project underscores our technical expertise in providing high-quality industrial utility infrastructure for municipal applications.

Upon completion, the Nanaimo Midtown Gateway Project will offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Restoration of a wetland affected by historical coal mining activities
  • Over 2km of new off-street active transportation pathways
  • Enhanced accessibility to Beban Park
  • A public natural area with walking trails and a detention pond for storm events
  • A development site for a signature commercial and residential gateway to the city
  • A new transportation network promoting safety and comfort for pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, and drivers
  • Improved safe flow of commercial and industrial goods

Project Progress:

Phase 1 (Complete): Completed in 2019, this phase involved site cleanup, environmental remediation, initial ground improvements, and construction of a new engineered wetland that doubles as a stormwater pond.

Phase 2A (Active): Initiated in August 2022, Knappett Industries Ltd. is working on behalf of the City of Nanaimo to implement final ground improvements, underground municipal utilities, and install two large diameter water supply mains. The water supply mains will connect to the Midtown Water Supply Upgrades Project, bolstering the city’s core water supply network. Phase 2A also includes Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) for soil compaction beneath future road corridors.

Phase 2B: Scheduled for 2023/2024, this phase will complete the project with the inauguration of the new all-mode transportation network. Additionally, it will open the new public natural area with walking trails around the restored wetland and further enhance accessibility to Beban Park.